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  • Two Plup/Lovecraftian Themed Races

    h3. Eldritch-Touched Traits Ability Score Increase: Your exposure to the incomprehensible has hardened and numbed your mind. Your Wisdom score increased by 2. Age: You age slower than normal humans, however you mature very quickly. You are mature …

  • Larch Treefolk Race

    5E Race -- Larch (Treefolk) It is said that many centuries ago, human refugees from a distant war made a pact with a Fey Nature Lord for refuge in escaping their enemies. They surrendered their humanity in exchange for sanctuary in the Fey Lord's realm …

  • Yuan-Ti

    Yuan-ti Medium Movement speed 30ft +2 to dex Poison Resistance Natural Armor +1 Poison Spray Cantrip Subraces Purebloods +1 to any ability score other than dex Proficiency in the Deception skill Charm Person 1/day. Cha is your casting …

  • Hengeyokai


  • Goblin Race


  • Pixie Race


  • Fae Race


  • Worgen


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