We were sneaking along the outskirts of the giant’s encampment, trying not to be spotted. Our Sorcerer said he had a spell to use just for this.. He looked at the camp, said some mystical voodoo words, and I couldn’t see the Sorcerer that clearly anymore. We hiked up the path to the walls that had watchtowers every 150 feet. The Sorcerer scaled the wall, with help from the Rogue and our Druid looked deep in thought, with his eyes shut. Our Sorcerer opened the gate about a minute later, and he grinned. “Worked like a charm,” he said as he came back into focus.


Blur was created by the wizard Atrix, ages ago. It is regarded as one of the standard protective spells, along with Shield, and Mage Armor.The reason that the author of Blur is known is that Atrix signed his name into the magical array that is on the spell scroll, as part of the main portion of the spell, so one could say that the magical community of mages cannot forget Atrix.


The caster’s form becomes blurred, wavering and shifting to everyone and everything else that can see the caster. Until the spell ends, it is much harder for enemies to hit you, as long as they rely upon sight. Those with blindsight and those that can see through illusions are not affected by the spell effects. The spell requires the caster to concentrate upon it, but the caster may to anything they please, aside from casting another spell that requires their concentration. There is no difference in the effects nor the duration of the spell from being cast with a larger amount of arcane energy.


Casting with an Arcane Focus:
There are no somatic (hand motions) or material components to Blur. The caster need only speak the incantation “You can’t see me”, and as long as the intent is behind it, the spell will activate.

  • Crystal – Just speak the incantation.
  • Orb – Just speak the incantation.
  • Rod – Just speak the incantation.
  • Staff – Just speak the incantation.
  • Wand – Just speak the incantation.

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