Color Spray


The first dated use of the ability Color Spray come from the orient lands, in the transition of the Yan Empire to the Jin Empire. The ability was discovered by a young man called Quon, son of a famous firework master named Li. Quon grew up having persistent lessons from his father, he was the unique son of Li and so he had to succeed him in order to continue his art. Li taught Quon everything he knew, from black powder manipulation to the use of metals and salts for the creation of colored explosions.
Quon absorbed every piece of knowledge from his father and started to work up with him in his pyrotechnical performances. His raw talent in the fireworks manipulation made his explosions far more grand than any other firework master, making his father fill his breast with pride everyday. But it wasn’t talent only. The fireworks made by Quon shined more than normal, sometimes with colors never seen before, and everyone thought that ha was a genius. Months passed and their fame grew so much that the beauty of their fireworks came to the ear of the Emperor Yan and then they were called to make a performance in order to celebrate the 10th year of his reign. They collected the best materials, and with hush, took their path to the Central Palace. The journey would take an entire month to be completed, but it would be done. In this meantime, Quon started to manifest his abilities without the use of the fireworks. In the night, when they camped, he waited to his father to fall asleep and started to cast multicolored flares that run inside the night and illuminated the road, scaring some small animals whose reactions delighted Quon. But one month is too much time, and the war came to the Empire. Emperor Yan was murdered in his throne and a man named Jin took on his place. Li and Quon passed through some destroyed villages and heard from survivors everything that happened. Li was a great admirer of the Emperor Yan and became furious, negating to go to the capital and give his compliments on the nem Emperor, and so they became their journey back to home. But in a moment of the journey, they bumped into a group of soldiers loyal to the Emperor Jin and at the moment the soldiers knew who they were, they forced Li and Quon to go with them and celebrate long life to the emperor. Unwillingly they accompanied the soldiers until they got inside the palace walls. They slept in the castle and after a whole week the Emperor ordered their presence in the Halls, in order to deal with the festivities.
But Li refused, and gathering his courage and dignity he said:
-I would never bow to a murderer, i would prefer death instead."
After a moment of surprised silence, the Emperor answered:
-So be it, kill them."
A dozen of armed soldiers attacked Li and Quon immediately. Three slashes on Li and he fell dead, in this hour something inside Quon broke free. From his hands came out flares and flashes of multiple colors that shined so brightly that the legends says he invoked the Sun inside the palace, everyone went blind and Quon ran away in the middle of the confusion. He ran, and ran. Ran with tears dropping into his mouth, ran with bleeding feet, ran until he fainted. But Quon lived. He lived, grew old, and became Master Li Quon, the most known firework master of the Jin Empire. The firework master that never bent himself to the Emperor and fought his forces with his light powers, a symbol of Freedom.

Learning & Description

Master Li Quon took under his wings three orphan children in the time he lived. With the comprehension of his own powers, Quon discovered that he could teach the ways of manipulating the colorful lights, with patience, concentration and the right ingredients. His apprentices were:

  • Kim, his best student, could cast in blinding flares all of the color spectrum and keep them going for a good time;
  • Li Mei, his most adored student, could cast blinding colorful flashes that only lost in bright for Kuzon.
  • Kuzon, his most dedicated student, couldn’t manifest colors nor maintain the spell for long. His flashes were brighter than the others and made from pure white.

None of them could produce the lights in other place than their hands and it was Kuzon who discovered that the pigments of the fireworks were the best catalyst in existence to cast this skill.

Moral Implications & Wild Magic

The usage of Color Spray in public spaces is a bit complicated. The chances of turning someone innocent into a permanently blind person is real, so using this ability inside the King’s Hall or in the middle of a Arena it’s not recommended at all.

There were some data about Color Spray going wild, the dated effects are: – The body of the caster starts to glow, but not the hands

  • The caster couldn’t make appear the colors, making the flashes all white
  • The blindness only affects the caster
  • Nothing happened (that is known)

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Color Spray

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