Dissonant Whispers

We travelled for 5 days trought the cold sea. It was brutal: strong winds, next to no food, strange illusions that appeared on the corner of the eye and… the whispers. Gods, the whispers! repetitive and dull as stone… but they didn’t leave us,even in our sleep! Poor Edward decided to take his life after that travel…-Ramblings of a crazed sailor after passing Altoral coast, what is believed to be a reflection of the Far realm in the material plane.


Legend tells that dissonant whispers was created by a sea hag, jealous of the merfolk’s sea chants. She attempted to weave magic in her words. When she tried to use the spell to charm a sailor, the exact opposite happened:the poor soul ran away. After that incident, the hag took her life ,and the spell was forgotten…until some warlocks made a pact with those that rule the far stars.


Dissonant whispers is casted by pointing a finger,usually the index one, toward the desidered target.After doing so,the caster speak a phrase that varies from three words to nine. Such phrase has to contain a word that is painful to ear for the target; for example, a cleric might frown at a phrase such as “Your God has abbandoned you!”,while a bard could twist in agony hearing “This shall be your last performance!”. Some sentences are universally painful,such as the infamous “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn”, a chant commonly used by those who seeks the Stars.


When the casting is done, the sentence that was spoken is augmented by the spellcaster’s magic (or the patron’s magic, in the case of warlocks) and it arrives to the ears of the victim. Those that find themself on the receiving end of the spell will hear only the phrase over and over again, and they often attempt to escape the effect by running as far away as possible from who casted It.

Wild Magic

One should always be cautious when casting this spell in a wild magic zone,as the effect can be amplified to all who hear the phrase, including the caster himself. Worse can happen if the caster is a warlock. It is said, in fact, that the old one could enthrall all whom heard the whisper…

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Dissonant Whispers

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