Gentle Repose

“… that’s not all. Take a look at this.” The hunter dropped to one knee and placed the panther-like creature on its side, turning its head upwards to look at its face. The creature’s left eye was sea foam green, whilst the right eye was much larger, with stitches surrounding the eye cavity. It was a bright yellow color, and had no pupils—it looked hard and round, almost like the eye of an insect. Zamiel Välgraven, who had been silent for most of the journey after the ambush, turned away to unstrap a dagger from his rucksack. With great care, he brandished the blade and explained that the right eye was likely a scrying focus, and could still be sending information to a caster far away. He took to the task of quickly and deftly cutting the stitches and removing the spherical eye, and palmed it.
Pointing his finger at the top of the eye with one hand, and sprinkling a pinch of salt over it with another, a greenish glow starts to radiate lazily from his hand, and the eye takes on a steelish hue. Zamiel places the eye in a leather satchel for later study.

Gentle Repose

Gentle Repose is one of the only Necromantic spells spellcasters learn to utilize in the Confederacy of Humanity. It’s an extremely useful spell for scientific endeavors, and has lent itself to much experimentation over the years, despite the controversy surrounding Necromantic spellcraft in general.

In contemporary times, it’s become less politically inconvenient to allow or even utilize Necromancy, and a return to some older traditions among some people has occurred in response. The taboo of the immoral Dark Wizard who experiments with corpses and tortures people for amusement and profit is considered old-hat and in many cases, backwards and anti-progressive.

Gentle Repose, among other spells, was for a long time considered “White Necromancy”, before the distinction was dropped altogether due to political activism and academic interest backed by government support following a desire to out-compete the CoH’s northern neighbors, the Fruktbär Mountain Clans.

The current iteration that the academies teach is devoid of the copper material components that the Fruktbär people use, in addition to a somewhat lengthy ritual. Academic scholars, with the most famous being Lundgren van Wüst, distilled the necessary runic compositions to create a more efficient spell, taking the hedge magic of the traditional, semi-religious mages and combining it with modern scholastic experimentation most attributed to Wizards.

Whilst not a challenging spell, the incantation is longer than others of this level, making it cumbersome to use quickly. The effect is not instant, either, but it is still fairly quick. Famously, then-Captain Lundgren van Wüst utilized Gentle Repose in combination with an improvised and hasty Speak With Dead during the Sacking of Brewnhurt to uncover intelligence about the military actions that lead to what would be known as Operation Mother Lode. He then sent that information up his chain of command, allowing for swift government response to the crisis, saving the lives of his company, which had been overrun during the attack.

His use of Gentle Repose and Speak With Dead were integral in the decriminalization of Necromancy and legitimization of his research. It is often studied by Wizards in ethics courses focused around more controversial Necromantic spells that still give some pause, as well as spells that are usually restricted to government or military entities for their damaging effects.

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Gentle Repose

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