We were found in the desert by a man with a long beard and kindly eyes, along with flowers and vines woven into his hair. He must have known we were starving, because he took some berries out of his pocket. What was surprising, though, is that he then went into his knapsack, and took out a small twig. He began waving the plant over the berries, saying a phrase in a language none of us could recognize. When he was done, he bent over and handed them to us, urging us to eat. Reluctantly, we did, and with a single berry we felt alive again, perhaps for the first time in weeks. He began to walk off, and waved as he did. We never saw him again. -Journal of Moore Carnal, page 137.

Origin: The spell Goodberry originated in the Forests of Tilkir, where Elvish druids were experimenting with enchanting foods with magic qualities. They had heard of witches and hags in the southern marshes poisoning foods with magic, and decided to try to use that kind of magic for good. They settled on experimenting with berries, as they were in abundance in the woods, and found that they could do this with simply a mistletoe branch. At first, they were only able to do this with berries that already existed in the world, but later learned to create the berries themselves out of thin air.

Learning the Spell: Learning this spell can be difficult, even for experienced Druids. It has taken hundreds of years to get the desired effects, and even now, when casting the spell, sometimes, not all berries are magically enhanced. To preform this spell, it is required that you wave a mistletoe branch over your hand and speak the phrase “Ichnicht buurus”.

Spell Effect: When used, this spell produces up to ten- not always exactly ten. Depending on the experience of the spell’s caster, you could even get as little as a single magically infused berry. When eating a berry, you feel a slight re-energizing and can keep hunger at bay for a whole day. Eating a single berry makes you feel completely full.

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