Noctus strolled confidently through the palace, making a beeline from the entrance to Princess Gwendolin’s chambers. In stark contrast with anyone with anyone who belonged there, he wore a loin cloth, soft rabbit leather boots-and nothing more. His long scraggly black hair was an affront to the precisely cut and styled fashion of the palace inhabitants.
Dozens of eunuch guards were stationed around the halls and entrances to protect the princess and the king’s harem from unwanted visitors, but they did not impede Noctus. They did not notice him at all as he walked briskly past them.
He made his way into Gwendolin’s private study and leaned against a bookshelf with a large grin on his face, appearing suddenly. As she turned a page, she noticed her lover standing before her once again. She embraced him immediately in a tight hug.
Gwendolin whispered fiercely, “Noctus! You’re here. How did you get past the guards? You are forbidden from the palace! You’d have been killed if they found you.”
“My love, I promise you. Nothing will keep us apart.” Noctus replied as he planted kisses down her neck.

Origins: Thieves and rogues have boasted about being undetectable to mortal eyes since the dawn of bragging, but the first recorded use of Invisibility was by the rogue sorcerer Noctus sla’Vaeria in the Third Age. According to official records, he traded knowledge of how to perform the spell in return for his life, after being caught in the palace following a rash of pregnancies in the harem while the king was away. Scholars theorize that the spell had been known for some time already possibly centuries by various thieves and assassins guilds, but due to the nature and utility of the spell it had been concealed to academia until then.

Casting: Though the result is the same, this spell actually does not make light shine through the caster, but bends it around her form. For certain intensities of light (e.g. Scorching Ray), the spell will fail to direct it around her and the caster will be hit.

To perform the spell, the caster must cover her left eye with the ring and pinky fingers of their right hand and envision herself in the reflection of an eye, then imagine the pupil of that eye engulfing her image in blackness while whispering the words.

uxatzeko argia utzi oinez me itzal gabe
She must hold an eyelash encased in gum arabic in her left hand and crush it while she whispers the incantation.


This spell requires precise and delicate control from the caster. Improper castings of Invisibility often have the opposite of the intended effect and make the caster very difficult to not focus on. The bending of the light around the caster can become warped and their image is magnified instead of concealed. Other failures have made the caster look like a walking silhouette, or only partially transparent (like a ghost).

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