Leomund's Secret Chest

“Elesia cringed as the green ray left her foe’s finger right as Romero struck the sorcerer down. She ran to thank her husband for saving her life but slowed as soon as she saw him pointing behind her. Nobody there. Still pointing. Huh? Pointing at her. THE NECKLACE!
Elesia fell to her knees as the reality of the situation dawned on her. He wasn’t aiming for her. He was aiming for the miniature ivory chest dangling from her neck. Irretrievably lost. Never to be found again. Dozens of magical items, collected over nearly a lifetime of adventuring—Gone.”


“A useful spell, Leomund’s Secret Chest. Used to safeguard the most prized objects in the realms for centuries. But what happens when the spell goes wrong? I believe the answer to that question lies in the origin of the spell’s creation which as many of you know is all but lost to history.
It is common knowledge that the great wizard Leomund shared this spell with the world after sharing the traveler’s staple, Leomund’s Tiny Hut. What is not common knowledge is the reason why.
The misconception is that he created this spell by further applying his research from Leomund’s Tiny Hut; that is in order to effectively create an immobile dome of force that protects the chest while it resides in the ethereal plane, one should first master this effect on the material plane. A logical conclusion. An incorrect conclusion.
My research has led me to believe that Leomund actually developed the secret chest spell as a way to accumulate wealth and power. I believe it was a spell created to send objects to a secret location known only to him under the guise of a spell created to secure valuables. He shared Leomund’s Tiny Hut with the world first to build a positive image before sharing with the world a spell that asks people to willingly place valuables in a chest that is locked away in a safe place, but is lost if something goes awry.
Those of you that recall learning this spell may recall the bold script in the tome, or your mentor always emphasizing; perhaps with some thaumaturgy flair; that if the spell ends it is IRRETRIEVABLY LOST! Irretrievably lost. An excellent choice of words by perhaps the greatest charlatan in history.
To be irretrievably lost means that you are unable to regain possession of the object. Although the intent of the description may lead one to believe that the object is destroyed or erased from existence.
As Conjurers, we know that objects in the planes simply do not disappear. We take something from one place and bring it forth in another!
So now I ask you again, what happens when Leomund’s Secret Chest goes wrong? Where are all of these so called “lost” objects? Are they floating aimlessly around the ethereal plane? Or perhaps they lie in a secret study of the great wizard, Leomund.
I for one, plan to find out. "

-Master Drawmij during his last lecture before going on sabbatical; speaking on the history of Leomund’s Secret Chest.


Leomund’s Secret Chest is considered an intermediate spell to learn despite the simple verbal and somatic components. The main challenge lies in ensuring proper breathing technique. This is especially true when recalling the chest.
The only thing more difficult than finding materials suitable for creation is finding a craftsman with the requisite skill to create the chest- to say nothing of the precision and accuracy required for the miniature replica.
Storing the chest:
Verbal: A password of the caster’s choosing spoken while exhaling as the chest and replica touch.
Somatic: Touching the chest and replica.
Material: Exquisite chest (3’x2’x2’) and a miniature replica.
To recall the chest speak the password while inhaling as you hold the chest replica (Casters should be advised that this is more difficult than it sounds and requires much practice; especially if the spell is to be used in combat).


Nearly all documented failures of this spell occur when attempting to recall the chest. If the spell ends while the chest is on the Ethereal plane then the item is “irretrievably lost” and the caster can no longer recall the chest. Neither of the two attempts to use the Wish spell to bring back items lost through Leomund’s Secret Chest returned the lost items that were wished for.
If the spell fails while the chest is not on the Ethereal Plane it is usually not an issue and the caster can simply try again, but there have been several documented cases where the chest was sent to a different plane. In this case the caster must physically find the chest and hope it is still untouched and intact.
The world is still awaiting the return of Master Drawmij….

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Leomund's Secret Chest

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