Shocking Grasp

Shocking Grasp
She stood there, waiting, breathing. She knew what waited on the other side of the door, also waiting. They came for her three nights ago, after her break-in at the Millers place, she had stolen something she shouldn’t have. By the time she figured it out it was already way to late, he had send two of his men to her contact in Sophies Grin, a bar in town. When they knocked on her door she knew he had given her up to safe his own life. Fair.
The knob on the door turns slowly, what she had waited for, in a fluent motion she released the mental switch in her head, magic storms down her arm, turning into a few hundred volts at her finger tips laying on the doorknob. A short gurgling screech from the other side of the door, in a heartbeat she grabbed all her courage and throws open the door, rapier in hand. She would fight.

Shocking Grasp: from a lesson for pupils of the Arcane Arts, by Professor Lantherion Dillothor
The origin of the spell lays not with an invention nor with discovery by accident but rather with the fundamental laws of magic.

There are several different outlets for magic in-efficiently used, one of them is raw energy, this itself can manifest again in several forms, for example fire, or in our case: electricity. Several of the students before you and many of the First Mages have encountered this effect in the form of irregular and unprepared use of magic either just stupid enough to want to try… or by arrogance of their abilities. More to the point, wasting magic in either of the forms except for the one you intended is dangerous and irresponsible, however when properly guided and created in pure form it can result in useful spells like the Utility-class Light spell or in our case Defence-class spell Shocking Grasp. What I am about to teach you is for defence purposes and defence purposes only, do NOT practice this on fellow students unless you plan on leaving this facility indefinitely.

I see some of you think ‘’why not use a burst of fire to get rid of assailants’’ and there are several reasons why this might not be in your best interest. The first one is safety, fire is one of the most unpredictable forms of energy dissipation and therefore crude and often less controllable, after all you might not only burn down your assailant but also other flammable parts of your surroundings or yourself. However when you have all the space and multiple assailants there is no reason not to use fire. That being said most assailants prefer close quarter combat above close range combat and therefore, unless you can keep them at bay, are far better of using their ‘’strengths’’ to your advantage. As you know fire also is not a pure form of raw energy but also contains light, this can be useful but if you want to see in the dark, it is less useful when you are trying to get away without being seen by the orc raiders. If you are grabbed or otherwise constrained by a person your best choice is Shocking Grasp, it allows you to break the grapple and gives them no time to defend against it. Would you have used fire in this case you had risked burning also yourself. Remember that fire is crude and will follows less laws, meaning it is less controllable. Electricity follows a given path, you can define a path for it to follow, but that will be further explained in advanced courses on the creation of lightning.


As always prepare your mind before attempting to capture the fickle flow that is raw magic potential. Where you would normally weave your spell of choice to bind the magic to your mind-reservoir in the way you like it to form later, you instead build a very basic weave to contain just the raw magic itself. When ready to use the spell concentrate while releasing your weave on not producing light or pure force. Release the magic by leading in through your arm towards your fingertips. If you release the magic too slowly you will likely produce a flame or a flame spout instead of the desired electrical flow, release the magic faster if this case presents itself. Be warned! If you do not present a viable target, by touching it, the raw energy will still be released, which can lead to a backlash of the current through your own body, I do not have to tell you that this will hurt.
For now, practice constructing the weaves in small amounts and releasing them at the right speed, in a week we will see who can produce a viable electricity shock, it does not have to be big ladies and gentlemen to be effective or to get a high grade. As always, quality over quantity, you are not savages nor shaman you are students of the Arcane Arts, act that way, you are dismissed.

Summary of further notes on Shocking Grasp

  • Shocking grasp in the form of delated spell release, how to construct traps via symbols.
  • Advanced users are able to convert electrical energy over small distances, at higher energy levels and with experience some casters are capable of delivering shocking grasp without touching by arcing the energy of a foot of distance towards their target, damage done in this way is reduced due to air resistance but the advantage is the reduced need for physical contact.
  • Using the principle of Shocking Grasp to create Lightning over considerable distance and how to defend against it. Advanced courses will deal with the creation of Lightning Bolts by means of ionising air.
  • Shocking grasp on metal targets and the Faraday cage principles. Research has shown reduced effect of the spell on targets wearing large amounts of metal, like plate armor, because of conduction towards the ground instead of the body.
  • Residue after use, heart attacks and other health issues to consider. Heart attacks can be simulated with this spell. Victims show contact burn marks, betraying the involvement of this spell.
  • Application of First Aid after contact with electricity.
  • Revival attempts by using Shocking Grasp, difficulties and ethic nuances. It is proven to be possible, however in those rare cases highly skilled mages were victims show contact burn marks, betraying the involvement of this spell.present with superior control of their capabilities.
  • Distorting function in automatons and other constructs. Even though they are composed of metal they can be damaged by this spell depending on internal construction.
  • Efficiency calculations based of electrical energy formation from raw magic.
  • Weave construction and personal nuances allowed for the test (end semester).
  • Next chapter: Preventing magic loss and energy creation in other spells and exceptions.

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Shocking Grasp

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