“You will remove these restraints and leave this cell with the door open.”
“I will remove these restraints and leave this cell with the door open.”
“Aaand you will drop your weapon!”

-Rey, the Scavenger to a Stormtrooper.


There isn’t a single origin for Suggestion, in every realm where magic flows this spell flourishes eventually. Its creators range from powerful spell casters whose will could engulf another’s mind to undiscovered prodigies who even in their childhood found ways to convince their parents that cookies came before dinner.

This brute state in which the spell always manifests isn’t optimal and is very demanding to its caster, but the news spreads quickly and sooner or later a scholar finds the proper way to cast it.


Suggestion is a two part spell and very simple in its nature. As most enchantments, the first step consists of bypassing your target’s mental defenses. The greater your target’s will, the harder it is to access their mind.

Once you have slipped inside, it’s very simple to make the spell work. You basically speak your orders while emptying the enchanted’s mind to make sure your words are the only thing going through his head at the moment. This creates a feedback loop where your words will echo indefinitely until your target finally finishes your given task. More skillful mages can, alternatively, set a condition to be met before emptying the enchanted’s mind and leave the condition and the order echoing in it’s target’s subconscious.

A caster usually must maintain his concentration on his/her target to keep the blank mind state and his words echoing, but there is a way to avoid this. Called by many as Mass Suggestion or even Advanced Suggestion, this alternate cast consumes a lot more energy but is infinitely more efficient. Instead of concentrating on a single person’s mind to keep them from thinking by themselves you simply override the subconscious of your target with your orders. This not only allows you to enchant a dozen of minds at once but also means you can keep your Suggestion inside their minds for a day to an entire year depending on the amount of power you use to cast this.

Specificities and Warnings:

Be aware that once the suggested course of action is fulfilled the spell will fizzle since the obsession-like state the target is kept in ends.

Although the target won’t comprehend it was charmed to do your bidding, failing to cast the spell will leave you with an unenchanted direct order to a person. It’s so advised to add “would you kindly” before your orders to cover your true intentions.

You must also consider that the enchanted will retain some of his/hers instincts and will never do something obviously harmful to themselves (such as stabbing himself/herself). Sometimes a person’s will might break the enchantment if you order something against his/her nature, there are many relates about Paladins who freed themselves from Suggestion after being ordered to kill an innocent, and even merchants who appeared to be immune to charm magic during bargains!


Suggestion is by no mean a difficult spell to cast or a spell that requires immense amounts of power. It just demands a certain finesse that not all spell casters have.

Suggestion’s effect is created directly inside its target’s mind during the cast and there isn’t any magical incantation to speak before the order you are issuing or a sign if you slipped into your target’s mind or are just talking with him/her.

Its components a snake’s tongue and a bit of honeycomb(or a drop of sweet oil) are there to channel the caster’s focus into slipping his words on another’s mind. The sweet flavor of the honeycomb/oil masks your intentions while inside their mind and the snake tongue, which delivers the message, usually vibrates as you speak.

Suggestion in Context

“The extraplanar wizard known as Obi the One has been known to use this spell to great effect when dealing with the authorities.”

-MisterDrProf, the non-rakshassa’s teachings

Most young wizards believe that once they can cast Suggestion their lives change for the best. Free ale at every inn, all pretty boys and girls at their feet, am I right?!

No I’m not.

Most big cities have had contact with magic and will have severe laws against the use of Suggestion and most enchantments. A trader might not know which spell you used on him, but once he has given you his best magic sword for free and finished swiping his entire store twice he will notice that something is wrong, and who took his beloved treasure! Authorities on such cities have little patience with those accused of using enchantments for personal gain and will be a lot harder to “convince” you aren’t guilty than the unprepared trader.

And believe it or not, small villages are the worst! Their lack of knowledge about magic is enough to gather a furious mob whenever something or someone acts strange around the one with the pointy hat.

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